Fermenting Fun Kimchi Part 1

This batch of kimchi is a faded memory… except for the smell it leaves behind on the jar lids. Anyway, here’s part 1 of the “how to” video for making a jumbo jar of kimchi.



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5 responses to “Fermenting Fun Kimchi Part 1

  1. Matthew Squire

    the kimchi will ferment properly and still be delicious if I dont use a probiotic culture starter, right?? the salt will do the job i think.
    Let me know what you think..
    though youll probably just tell me to get that book…
    which I have been meaning to get…


    • The Live Food Experience

      That’s correct. Cabbage will ferment without a probiotic. The bacteria that is required actually lives on the outside of the leaves. It appears a light film coating the leaves. This is why it’s important to use organic produce. Pesticides will kill off this bacteria, plus you’ll have trace amounts of pesticides in your kimchi… yuck! Once the cabbage leaves are cut, the bacteria is able to feed and multiply creating a healthy ferment. By using the probiotic starter you are ensuring that the correct bacteria populates your kimchi, it’s like insurance. You should get the book though. It’s informative and useful.

  2. Gloria

    Holy Cow Adam, I didn’t realize how many blog entries I have missed! The other blogs have a little “follow me” link that you click and it tells me when a new post is ready to be read. I just figured out how to add yours to my “blog roll” so I won’t be missing any more – thank goodness!

  3. great video. informative and comical. i give it 2 thumbs up! =)

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