Santa Fe Soul Family

Albuquerque International Sunport

You see the size of that chicken?

I recently visited Santa Fe, New Mexico to teach a live food weekend playshop and while I had my reservations with regards to the pre-planning I neglected to do, I made a leap of faith and was rewarded beyond all my expectations. My contact in New Mexico was a woman named Nalina who I had met while working out at Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center. Over a year later I had finally made it out to New Mexico to see Nalina and her family again and visit their home and yurt building workshop. For those of you not familiar with yurts you’re in for a treat. Yurts are amazingly durable, functional and comfortable round homes built by the nomadic tribes in Central Asia. Nalina and her family have turned their passion for yurts into a sustainable business. While visiting Spirit Mountain Yurts I also had the pleasure of meeting their horses,DSC00396ducks and cats… one of which had the curious habit of climbing up your back and draping himself over your shoulders like a purring scarf.

Shoulder Cat

Shoulder Cat

Shen Bowers was a new addition to the soul family. He is Chi Gung teacher and all around amazing individual. Shen invited us to do our class where he was staying on the Turquoise Trail outside of Santa Fe.

Desert art gallery

Desert art gallery

I missed the hot days and cold nights of the desert and I especially missed staring up at the milky way while counting shooting stars and satellites. The visit planted many seeds for future collaborative plans. Currently I’m in the process of editing a video tour of the Spirit Mountain Yurt shop. Check back for part 1 and 2.

Shen, Christianna, Lark, Nalina and me!

Shen, Christianna, Lark, Nalina and me!

BTW, here’s a close up of the ice cream we’re all holding in the picture above… raw vegan goodness with a almond butter cup that chocolate alchemist Christianna created which are available at Body in Santa Fe.

raw vegan bliss bowl

raw vegan bliss bowl


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  1. Juni

    Adam – thanks much for the photos of the deelish mamay (it helps to see what the fruit looks like inside for those of us who haven’t had any yet) plus the tip on how to tell when it’s ripe.

    Also thanks for the Santa Fe update ~~ and the link to their yurts. I only know of the longtime Colorado Yurt co., so will check out Nalina’s products ~~ it’s a shame that we can’t live in them here in FL year round, with the storms and all. Another nudge for me to consider other places ~ thanks for the link.

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