Cleaning Your Dirty Nuts

Here’s a short look at the basic procedure for cleaning nuts and seeds for storage and consumption. I teach this procedure in my live food prep classes and highly recommend doing this with all store or online purchased nuts and seeds. It’s my feeling that many of the food allergies that people have may be associated with the fungi, mold and bacteria that thrive on those particular foods. Stored grains are typically contaminated with mycotoxins. Aflotoxin is one mycotoxin that has been linked with cancer. It is typically on all peanuts grown and cultivated using current practices. Nuts and seeds can become contaminated during the packaging, storing and shipping process. By soaking your nuts and seeds in a solution of water and food grade H2O2 you can minimize the potential health risks from putting dirty nuts in your mouth… seeds too.

Keep it Live, Adam



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2 responses to “Cleaning Your Dirty Nuts

  1. Gloria

    Entertaining and informative – thanks Adam!

  2. Leah

    FABULOUS! Enjoyed cruising your site. Made me hungry. You’re the best live food chef…ever! Keep being the change, Adam.

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